Thursday, May 30, 2013

Another fan's response!

A great response to IN THE NICK OF TIME from a reader on Made me smile. Thank you reader!

"Thanks so much goodreads for this book I won! It was fantastic. My only complaint was it was a bit short for me at 100 pages and I wanted it to last a bit longer but it was truly great. You could read this in one sitting easily because it's that interesting. Andy Mackpeace, a 13 year old boy is upset when his eccentric grandmother passes away. While going through her stuff he finds magical incense sticks that when lit takes him to another time period. He travels to the 18th century to Boston and then soon after his return he then with his two best friends goes to the 19 century to Georgia. Soon they realize they do not have the incense stick to get them back home. Together they use their 21 century knowledge to get them back home. Friendships are tested through this journey and a young boy comes into his own while facing some of the most horrific historical moments of America's past. Really loved this book and want to read the sequel now!"

Yes, the sequel, THE TIME OF HIS LIFE is available in book form from Createspace or Amazon (Kindle too), and the various e-versions are on