Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Another interview regarding THE PROMISE OF LIVING

Many thanks to Christy for setting up this interview! It's a great blog! 

I had a blast doing this. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


The first review for my recently published ALL THE TIME IN THE WORD. I found this on Amazon. Mahalo! 

"One book at a time I've awaited with great anticipation J Lee Graham's Andy Mackpeace trilogy, always with the expectation that I'll be riveted by this writer's imagination. All the Time in the World, this third book in the trilogy, left me spell bound. As I read chapter by chapter my excitement for the story grew and as I neared the end of the book I found myself in despair. I was left wanting more.
I thought the historical elements were well thought out and the relationships between the characters of today and yesteryear complex yet not confusing. I personally neither approve nor enjoy "preachy" tales, for instance, those that summon the audience through a pounding upon the head, to accept modernity's anti-prejudice mores. This book did not disappoint. On the contrary, I found the friendship between the teen-aged main characters, Roger who is African and Native American and Andy Macpeace who is Caucasian, to be natural and invested but not free of tension, as "differences" tend to generate.
I'm thrilled to recommend J Lee Graham's Andy Mackpeace trilogy for young readers, and especially All the Time in the World."

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A great comment on THE PROMISE OF LIVING

A reader recently e-mailed me regarding my novel THE PROMISE OF LIVING. I was very moved and grateful. Mahalo! 

"It is just absolutely wonderful.   On so many levels.
It is so cleverly and engagingly written, compelling the reader to see what is going to happen next!   
It is so meaningfully written:  with so many fundamental life issues, challenges, lessons/teachings, wise insights and guiding light woven gracefully into the characters and storyline.

It is touching and poignant, in that your many references hearken back to our era of childhood and adolescence (e.g., Steve Mc -Who???!....I had to laugh...what a perfect reference to Steve McQueen, and all I could think was: what youngster today would know who he is?!).   

So in this way, I think your story actually serves two populations:   young adults who may be grappling with all of the complex issues you raise...and those of us who have come into our adulthood with some regard...and much poignant reflection under our belts...and yes, still many questions.

You have a fabulous gift for creating a strong sense of place.   I could smell, feel, see everything vividly, and the eerie components to the story made my skin crawl.   Great job!"

Monday, October 21, 2013

My Three Time Travel Novels

I really love the look of these books!


The cover art to my new Andy Mackpeace time travel book, ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD is here! It was designed by Ken Hornbeck. The book comes out very soon; I'll keep you posted. 

Monday, September 16, 2013


For those curious to read the third time travel novel featuring Andy Mackpeace, here is Chapter One from ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD, due out in October 2013. 

Chapter 1
Andy Mackpeace was hauling his navy blue suitcase off the Baggage Claim conveyor belt. Flashes of cowboy hats and boots and belt buckles surrounded him and it finally hit the fourteen-year-old boy that Missoula, Montana was a long ways away from Silver Lake, New Hampshire.
            His best friend Roger Stanley hunched next to him while his parents stood near the exit doors and Mr. Stanley calling Andy’s father to say that the kid arrived on time.
“C’mon Andy, yes or no, did you bring the stick?” Roger whispered.
            “You’re starting to sound like a drug dealer,” Andy smiled.
Andy and Roger had grown up together in New Hampshire, and last year, the two boys and their other friend, Miranda Roberts, had unexpectedly time traveled. Andy’s bizarre, psychic Grandmother Geri had bequeathed him an assorted-colored collection of incense sticks, and when the three of them lit one, they ended up in Ante-Bellum Georgia. Grandma Geri had died a year ago, but Andy still communicated with her in his mind. Mostly.
Roger moved to Missoula last September when his father got a Department Chair at the University of Montana.
“Yes, I brought it,” Andy whispered back, “it’s in my suitcase and I hope it’s not all broken up.”
“A new piece, right?”
“Yesss,” Andy said. “I picked it from the box yesterday. Never been used. It’s an orange one.”
“Orange? Are you sure that is-”
“Yessssss! It’s fine, bro. Trust me,” Andy laughed at Roger’s questions. “Now shut up because your mom’s coming over to get us.”
“Are you ready, Andy?” Mrs. Stanley asked. “Anything else coming down the chute?”
“No, this is it,” Andy said lifting his suitcase and heading toward the door. He took two steps, bumped into it with a thud and stopped, surprised, looking at the portal wondering what had gone wrong.
“What time did you get up this morning?” Mrs. Stanley asked him, opening it for him and guiding him outside.
“4:00. My dad drove me to Boston, then I flew to Denver, a two hour layover, and then another flight to here.”
“Time difference and long trips can make anybody tired,” she said. “I think, Roger, it would be better if Andy ate some dinner and then called it an early night. He’ll be more like himself in the morning.”        
Andy had been bugging his parents since Christmas to let him fly alone to Montana in June right after his fourteenth birthday. He was going to be a freshmen in high school in September, he had argued, he would be all right. His parents eventually said yes, and Andy did every odd job he could find to save the dollars that dripped in to pay for the flight. On the two-hour drive to Boston that morning, Andy’s dad talked to him like he was much older, like he was already shaving.
“I’m trusting you will manage this fine,” he said. He didn’t tell Andy the boy was one year shy of exemption from the Unaccompanied Minors Program, and airline regulations required a flight attendant to walk him from transfer to transfer and make sure his boarding passes were all lined up, making Andy, at times, especially with the stares from other people, feel idiotic.
The Missoula airport was miniscule compared to Logan’s and they walked to their car in the tiny parking lot. The sun was shining over the Rockies and the mountains made Andy stop and blink. They were beautiful.
“Good night!” Andy said. “Those are huge!”
“It’s a far cry from New Hampshire, right?” Roger said, grabbing his friend. “It’s a completely different world out here.”
In the far distance, Andy heard someone riding a horse.

Friday, September 6, 2013


For those of you following my Andy Mackpeace time travel series: IN THE NICK OF TIME and THE TIME OF HIS LIFE, the third book is coming out in October. It is called ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD; I'm very excited about this one. 
Andy is now 14 and travels to Montana to visit his best friend Roger and smuggles an incense stick in his luggage. Roger has a special intention and wants to use the stick to get an artifact from the past. 

It's exciting to see the characters grow, not only in age, but in wisdom and experience. I had a blast writing this latest installment.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A touching Review

Thank you to BhamGhostwriter for a touching review on my YA coming of age novel THE PROMISE OF LIVING. 
This is on my Amazon page for the novel. 

Format: Kindle Edition Amazon Verified Purchase
With its vague metaphysical motif leading the way in some respects, I was truly finding myself totally absorbed in this extremely well-written and otherwise quite realistic coming-of-age novel. Having read the Amazon editorial piece and the extant reviews (one of which mentioned the HEA ending referenced in MY review title), I thought I knew exactly where the story was going and with whom I would be traveling as the plot proceeded in that direction. Then, just past the novel's halfway point and totally out of the blue, the author figuratively - but savagely - kicked me in the gut and stabbed me in the heart. Down for the count, I turned off the Kindle and let it rest on my pounding chest. Jeez! After making a real investment in how I thought this would turn out, I was left completely bereft of that emotional investment; I decided I couldn't finish reading the book. I poured myself a glass of Merlot to calm my nerves and my hurting heart.

A few minutes later however, I felt that by picking up the book again - in the way readers' minds sometimes work - I could thereby take the grieving Ryan into my arms and hold him. He needed someone; he needed me (since I had been through what he was going through). Or, perhaps more likely, I needed him; I needed to continue holding onto him (since I had been through what he was going through). Still, even with such rationales, did it ever hurt.

Please don't get me wrong. I'm glad I decided to finish the book. And though it seemed, somehow, a little rushed and a bit like some literary afterthought, the conclusion provided a fitting and believable HEA. And I appreciated that even though it didn't - at least for me - bring comfort enough to make up for what had gone before. I honestly think the story line could have continued apace, resolving whatever needed to be resolved (the murder, Ryan's future and the question of his sexuality, the "problem" of his visions, Ryan's feelings for Dave) without having to force - midway through - the inclusion of a horridly sad turn of events.

This is one of those rare books which I found myself loving even as I felt totally let down by how it all came to be. Take from this what you will.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Privateers Interview with me! Thank you Privateers!

A terrific Middle Grade Blog called The Privateers from England interviewed me regarding my time travel series. The link is here

Thank you Privateers! I had a blast! 

J. Lee Graham

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Many thanks to Mrs. Condit Reads Books blog for reviewing my YA coming of age novel, THE PROMISE OF LIVING. I was very moved. 
Here it is: 

Posted by Pattycake on June 29, 2013
“Ryan took a breath. “You have a code of honor, Dad, about what it means to be a man and even though I must have grown up watching it, I never even noticed it until this year. I think about that a lot. How valuable that is, and how much I admire that in you.”
GENRE: M/M, coming of age, YA
RATING: 4 Sweet Peas!
 photo ThePromiseofLiving.jpgBLURB: THE PROMISE OF LIVING is a heart-rending coming of age novel of sixteen-year-old Ryan Colton and his quest for his own authenticity. Ryan’s mother died when he was young, and he and his father carve out a tenuous but trusting relationship. Ryan works on Lee Hemmer’s farm with his best friend Dave in Wilson’s Ferry, New Hampshire, a stifling, small town where, in 1975, everyone, it seems, has something to hide. Ryan has a mysterious series of premonitions and visions that reveal the darker secrets of the townspeople. His gift becomes overwhelming when he visions a murky murder at the high school and cannot prevent its occurrence. Ryan seeks the help of a Boston transfer student and a famous psychic to not only focus his gifts to solve the murder but to finally accept his own personal feelings for Dave. Ryan struggles with his own power of being different in the world and knows that the true resolution lies within him.
TRISH’S OPINION: J. Lee Graham has written a powerful and moving coming-of’age story in The Promise of Living. The blurb lays out the bare bones of the story, but you really need to read this wonderful tale to really appreciate the rich feast laid out by the author. Ryan Colton and his best friend Dave Calderwood are your typical teens growing up in your typical small town until events start to happen that shake them and the rest of the town to their very core. Suicide,murder, feelings that don’t fit what small town society decrees to be normal, and other deep secrets are brought out into the light of day, and things will never be the same again.
This is a brilliantly character driven story with a plot that starts out with a smooth flow, then grabs ahold of you and doesn’t let go until the very end. The characters are solid, credible, and face the same triumphs and tragedies that shape the lives of people in the real world. The backstory is rich with details that lay a solid foundation for the storyline without too much trivia. The writing style of the author is eloquently precise, crisp, clear, and so wonderfully down-to-earth. There is no real sex in the story, but it doesn’t detract ftom the book at all. The author displays a solid and well-researched knowledge of what life was like in that time and place with no jarring errors. There are bittersweet moments when tragedy strikes some of the secondary characters, but the book itself has a HEA ending. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this beautiful book and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a fascinating coming-of-age tale.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Another fan's response!

A great response to IN THE NICK OF TIME from a reader on Made me smile. Thank you reader!

"Thanks so much goodreads for this book I won! It was fantastic. My only complaint was it was a bit short for me at 100 pages and I wanted it to last a bit longer but it was truly great. You could read this in one sitting easily because it's that interesting. Andy Mackpeace, a 13 year old boy is upset when his eccentric grandmother passes away. While going through her stuff he finds magical incense sticks that when lit takes him to another time period. He travels to the 18th century to Boston and then soon after his return he then with his two best friends goes to the 19 century to Georgia. Soon they realize they do not have the incense stick to get them back home. Together they use their 21 century knowledge to get them back home. Friendships are tested through this journey and a young boy comes into his own while facing some of the most horrific historical moments of America's past. Really loved this book and want to read the sequel now!"

Yes, the sequel, THE TIME OF HIS LIFE is available in book form from Createspace or Amazon (Kindle too), and the various e-versions are on 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Surprise Review on Amazon

A great review suddenly appeared on Amazon regarding my time travel novel IN THE NICK OF TIME. Mahalo! It was a nice surprise! 

"Andy's a strong, brave kid. I like him, and I kept turning the pages of In the Nick of Time until the book was done. The adventures Andy has in this book could only happen to someone who's brave enough to risk not knowing all the answers. He's also a boy whose grandmother isn't like other grandmothers. Yay for Andy, and for J. Lee Graham! Is there a sequel out there somewhere?"

Yes, Reviewer, there is! It's called THE TIME OF HIS LIFE. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Middle Grade Mania Blog and a call to other MG Authors!

I just joined the Middle Grade Mania Blog, and it is a brilliant source of all things Middle Grade (and then some!) What an excellent place to browse and interact. I love talking about my Time Travel MG novels IN THE NICK OF TIME and THE TIME OF HIS LIFE, but enough about me! 

Any writer of MG who wants to be interviewed by me, feel free to contact me! It would be a pleasure!

J. Lee Graham

Monday, March 4, 2013

Indie Stores on the Decline?

A great article from Raleigh, North Carolina regarding the fate of our beloved Indie Stores. I love them.  The article focuses primarily on its Quail Ridge Books and Music Store and the age old fight for Independent book stores and how important it is to patronize them.

Sadly, not all indie stores will carry my books (due to their being self-published), but most of them will put my books on the shelf for a commission. That's fine with me! 

Support your local businesses and avoid the big box. More money from Local Businesses goes back into the community compared to Corporate Chains... Think about that.. 

J. Lee Graham

Friday, February 22, 2013

Q&A with Jamie Deacon

I had a great time being interviewed by Jamie Deacon from England about my YA novel THE PROMISE OF LIVING. You can read the entire interview here.
You can read her review of the novel on her blog as well as read an excerpt from the book. You can also sign up for a free give away for THE PROMISE OF LIVING too. 

Monday, February 4, 2013


Thank you Jamie Deacon for a terrific review of THE PROMISE OF LIVING. Jamie has a blog entitled "Boys on the Brink" where YA gay novels are discussed and celebrated! 

Part of the Review: 

The Promise of Living certainly isn’t a novel for the faint-hearted. It has more than its fair share of harrowing moments, and one twist in particular shocked me so much that I had to put the book down for a while before going back to it. For all the grimness, however, there are some tender scenes, and overall I found it incredibly inspirational.
In defiance of the tough hand fate deals him, Ryan somehow comes through his ordeal, not only stronger, but the kind of young man any parent would be proud of.
If you enjoy novels that combine the clairvoyant with harsh reality, and which don’t shy away from the more disturbing aspects of life, you may well want to give this one a go.

To read the full review, please click here!