Monday, April 4, 2016

THE SCULPTURED ROCKS in Hebron, NH and Illustrator Ken Hornbeck

Sculptured Rocks, swimming hole: Hebron, NH
As a kid, I always loved a book cover that combined the various themes read within its pages. The fun part was looking at the cover and wondering what the various images had to do with each other.
When collaborating with Ken Hornbeck, illustrator for all my novels (Except THE PROMISE OF LIVING), he instantly understood my desires. 

For example, in THE SCULPTURED ROCKS, not only does the main character Dan go to the Rocks, a local swimming hole (the picture is above), but also deals with a haunted house and being on a baseball Little League Team. I wanted to incorporate all three major themes and Ken did this terrifically. In the cover you can see the house, the rocks and the baseball diamond. 
The big bonus is if you closely enough, well, can YOU find the ghost?

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