Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Excited about the coming birth of my sequel to IN THE NICK OF TIME. The sequel, called THE TIME OF HIS LIFE, will soon be available on KINDLE and CREATE SPACE. I have posted some beginning chapters on this blog before, but now the birthing process begins.

In THE TIME OF HIS LIFE, Andy Mackpeace, while on a class field trip to the New Hampshire Historical Society to look at an exhibit of the various boys camps in the state, spies an old group photograph of some campers from Camp Forest Hills taken in 1925. One camper calls out to him saying, "Who killed me? I was murdered here?" Andy discovers that he has the gift for psychometry. Andy and Miranda, through the guidance of Andy's Grandma Geri, time travel back to Camp Forest Hills to solve the murder. Unprepared for the evil that lurks there, they race against time to uncover a killer and put a ghost to rest.

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