Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's Alive!

It's here! The new sequel to IN THE NICK OF TIME is now available on Kindle. The paper version is being worked on as I write this.
You can find it now on in the Kindle section.

In THE TIME OF HIS LIFE Andy Mackpeace, on a class field trip to the New Hampshire Historical Society, hears a boy calling to him from a photograph of Camp Forest Hills taken in 1925. " Who killed me? I was murdered here."

Andy and Miranda, once again using the incense sticks bequeathed to him from his grandmother, time travel to the camp to solve the mystery. Andy becomes a camper while Miranda lands in the kitchen as one of the hired help. Unprepared for the evil that stalks there, the two travelers must race against time to discover the killer and put a ghost to rest.

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