Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A great comment on THE PROMISE OF LIVING

A reader recently e-mailed me regarding my novel THE PROMISE OF LIVING. I was very moved and grateful. Mahalo! 

"It is just absolutely wonderful.   On so many levels.
It is so cleverly and engagingly written, compelling the reader to see what is going to happen next!   
It is so meaningfully written:  with so many fundamental life issues, challenges, lessons/teachings, wise insights and guiding light woven gracefully into the characters and storyline.

It is touching and poignant, in that your many references hearken back to our era of childhood and adolescence (e.g., Steve Mc -Who???!....I had to laugh...what a perfect reference to Steve McQueen, and all I could think was: what youngster today would know who he is?!).   

So in this way, I think your story actually serves two populations:   young adults who may be grappling with all of the complex issues you raise...and those of us who have come into our adulthood with some regard...and much poignant reflection under our belts...and yes, still many questions.

You have a fabulous gift for creating a strong sense of place.   I could smell, feel, see everything vividly, and the eerie components to the story made my skin crawl.   Great job!"

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