Wednesday, October 30, 2013


The first review for my recently published ALL THE TIME IN THE WORD. I found this on Amazon. Mahalo! 

"One book at a time I've awaited with great anticipation J Lee Graham's Andy Mackpeace trilogy, always with the expectation that I'll be riveted by this writer's imagination. All the Time in the World, this third book in the trilogy, left me spell bound. As I read chapter by chapter my excitement for the story grew and as I neared the end of the book I found myself in despair. I was left wanting more.
I thought the historical elements were well thought out and the relationships between the characters of today and yesteryear complex yet not confusing. I personally neither approve nor enjoy "preachy" tales, for instance, those that summon the audience through a pounding upon the head, to accept modernity's anti-prejudice mores. This book did not disappoint. On the contrary, I found the friendship between the teen-aged main characters, Roger who is African and Native American and Andy Macpeace who is Caucasian, to be natural and invested but not free of tension, as "differences" tend to generate.
I'm thrilled to recommend J Lee Graham's Andy Mackpeace trilogy for young readers, and especially All the Time in the World."

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