Friday, February 19, 2016

The Nature of Things

All my novels, save one, are for readers ages 10-13. Of course, adults, parents, teachers, tutors, love them, too. My other book is for YA: ages 14-???

I grew up in a rural setting. I had access to trees and woods and stars and flowers and mud and snow and ice. I played outside. I played in snowbanks and fields and explored the countryside.
Those are some of my strongest memories. The being alone in nature was a doorway to my own sense of self.

I wanted to preserve and invoke that special feeling in my writings. All my books are set in small towns and have moments where NATURE influences the protagonist. It has to. Nature and people are one.

I wish all kids, all my readers, could have that access to nature. If they did, I think the urge to preserve our environment would be more in the forefront. I know, many kids live in urban settings and suburban settings that are nothing but streetlights and sidewalks. All people can't simply jump in a car and zip out to the woods.

But, if they could....


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