Monday, February 1, 2016

Welcome Back, J. Lee Graham!

Yes, I am back. After several years, I've decided to return to blogging and making the entries cleaner, shorter, and sharper. 
I have published five novels: Four for Middle Grade (I don't really resonate with the word "tween", but basically my books are for UPPER Middle Grade: ages, 10-13.) My novels tend to be dark and daring and full of cliffhangers which do not fall into the usual category of the 8-9 year olds. 

Just letting you know. 

I've written one Young Adult book which is clearly for readers age 14 and up. All my books are on Amazon and Smashwords both as e-versions and as page books.

I'm tired of trying to fit everyone's mold of what a "Middle Grade" novel looks like, or sounds like, or feels like, or whatever like. I just enjoy writing great stories with lots of exciting cliffhangers, a lot of danger, and above all, really tight relationships among my characters.

Here are my novels: 


  1. Interesting...the word 'dark' is quite ambiguous, each of us having a different definition of what would be considered dark. The word itself can be off-putting and objectionable. Having read all of your books, I wouldn't describe them as dark - but they are great stories with wonderful character development, mystery and twists and turns, and dealing with some important and touching concepts, but without the evil component that tends to be included in a typical dark novel....just my opinion....

  2. Thanks AK... yes, I agree. What is "Dark"? Different meanings to different people.