Saturday, February 6, 2016

Those pesky ideas!

Sometimes, I notice my creativity reach an all time high and then instantly follow a certain pattern: it either becomes louder and louder until I start 'downloading' plots, characters, tone, themes, WHAM all at once, typing or writing as fast as my fingers can produce it. Then I spend months or years editing and rewriting, but the basic foundation has been set. 

Other ideas comes the same way: strong, powerful ideas that fly into my brain and linger and marinate. They have me intrigued, I resonate with the production design, the basic genre, tone, plot, yet, YET! They stay in the marinade. 
When I try writing the opening chapters, words come out flat. Engaging for me, but when I put the piece away for a week, take it out and read it again, I groan at my own obvious bad writing. 

The idea is delicious, the execution is not. 


The same tingle is there, the same groove in my stomach starts to feel excited, and sometimes the words flow with such ease, and other times they flow easiLY, but not lastingly.
Some would argue those ideas, like motifs for a composer, should lie in the marinade a little longer, but don't throw them out. Be patient.
Yes, I understand that. But sometimes those bowls of marinaded ideas start to take up space in my 'refrigerator'. What does one do?

What do you do? 

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